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A solution for patients to take control of rehabilitating their total knee replacement


Why GenuFlex?

Knee Replacement Rehabilitation...


GenuFlex Fills the Gaps

GenuFlex is a device with app combination designed to tackle the key barriers to efficient rehabilitation.

Bright Idea

Mimics Best Treatment

-Self-administer therapy otherwise provided by physiotherapist
-Quick and effective treatment sessions, backed by science

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Fosters Independence

-Easy Interface
-Low risk mechanics
-No supervision or assistance required for use

Leg Injury

Provides Social Support

-Access to a community of people recovering from knee replacements
-Allows from home physiotherapist and surgeon interaction
-Gamified with progress tracking

Why Develop Now?

Populations are growing in size, age and number meaning growing incidence of knee osteoarthritis, therefore knee replacements.

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In Australia & the USA

Number of procedures required in Australia and the USA are expected to soon grow to the brink of sustainable levels, with 240k procedures expected for Australia and 1.26 million procedures estimated for the USA per annum in 2030.

In the Asia Pacific

A boom in utilization of this treatment is expected in the Asia Pacific, with increasing accessibility of the surgery.

Predicted CAGR 2017 - 2024: 10%

Total: 2.4 million hip/knee replacment procedures per annum by 2024.


Get to Know Us


Aaya Hakeem

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

  • Practising Physiotherapist

  • Master Physiotherapy Practise

  • BBMSc Minor - Anatomy

  • Previous experience in orthopedics in highly diverse socio-demographic hospital

  • Currently fulfilling passion for assisting elderly patients to re-gain mobility

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